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Support is the first step, getting guidance from others who have lived through similar circumstances and learned how to co-parent in  these highly sensitive matters. Discovering what your obstacles or challenges are, and choosing a course of action will make your life be what you want it to be. 


 Re-establish a positive relationship between parent & child. Once the parents have resolved past issues or found away to not let those issues interfere with the child parent relationship,  we can begin to prepare to reunify the child(ren) with the parent by providing support to the child(ren) and if needed recommending outside mental health professionals to assist

Parenting Plans

  An effective plan is personalized to fit the needs of your family situation. No matter what the circumstances between parents, it is a child's right to have a relationship with both parents. A plan makes this possible. Our plans are designed to address all issues until the child reaches 18. In the event a plan needs to be altered the plan will contain a process to do so. 


When a parent and child are separated as a result of false allegations or misrepresentation of facts a child's life could be at risk. Our program is designed to confront these issues and correct them quickly to minimize the emotional impact on children. 


 Parental Alienation can have lasting harmful effects on its victims. Our classes and workshops can stop this from happening and help all children reach their full potential. We urge all parents considering or starting life over to contact us to details

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Success and Commitment

 Butterfly Foundation’s mission is to protect and support children and parents from the emotional trauma resulting from high conflict child welfare, custody and access issues. We realize that conflict rarely happens Monday to Friday 9-5, leaving parents to fend for themselves against the very person where there is a history of conflict and poor choices. Leaving an unresolved conflict pending the next available appointment. As a result children become collateral damage. Butterfly Foundation believes that being a support when support is need reduces the conflict, our program keeps parents focused on the parenting plan, communication and co-parenting. Going to court can cost over $70,000 and last 7-10 years only to walk away with emotionally destroyed child(ren). Butterfly Foundation averages 3 months and minimal cost to resolve the most conflicted matters even if one parent is uncooperative. Parents with teens need to understand that court generally is not an option and our process can take longer when navigating the emotions of a teen. 

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Keep Kids Out Of Court, and Return C.F.S. To A Support

Family Court should be a last resort. Choose us as the Alternative to court. It really is in the best interest of your kids.

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